I’m still fairly new to Cheyenne, though, I’ve been here long enough to know things around the city, but I had a near panic moment yesterday trying to scramble and find something that I’ve usually not had problems finding in other parts of the country...a home for watching football. I mean, I get it, I’ve heard most people that have lived here for years tell me that you can throw a rock and hit a bar, but that’s not necessarily what I’m looking for. I’m talking about a place to stop and get cheap, fizzy beer and bar food. It doesn’t have to be wings, but that helps and has all of the NFL and College Football games. So, I decided to write a classified ad looking for my Cheyenne Football Home. 

Mid 30s Sports Lover Seeking Bar With Similar Needs 

Hello, how are you? My name is Mat. As the ad says, I’m a mid-30s, Sports Loving dude and I’m hoping to find my Sports Bar that can take care of my needs on Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays, and sometimes Fridays, during playoffs or weird scheduling conflicts. I’m going to say this out front, kids are a deal-breaker. I’m a single guy and I don’t want children running around while we’re spending time together. Also, must love beer, and probably wings. I am into trying new things, so, if one of your best options is a Rocky Mountain Oyster, I’ll give it a shot. You must also love football, every game, and open to me sitting comfortably, I mean, we’re still in a pandemic. If this is you, I'd like to talk.

Call for a good time,  


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