Hackers have bumped up their game. Now, they are able to capture your security code, card number, and expiration date. The warning is out and here are the details.

Cheyenne and Laramie County residents should be aware of what Newcastle University in the U.K. is calling, "distributed guessing attacks." These attacks are known for being able to bypass security measures which were put together to avoid online fraud.

According to the report, the flaws they found are with Visa credit cards.

Two of the weak points of the card, according to the research, are: the online systems is not detecting the multiple invalid payments and the different web dealers are asking for variations of the cards in the data fields, which is allowing the hacks to take place one at a time.

It's been recommended that Visa card owners do shopping with the credit card, rather than with a debit card as Visa has announced that they will not be responsible for any charges that deal with fraud.

Make sure you check your statements regularly and ensure that you are using legitimate shopping sites.


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