For centuries, people have associated solar eclipses with demonic possession. Luckily, you can keep the evil spirits away on the 21st by taking a bath in urine.

The word lunatic is derived from the latin term for the moon, lunares. In India, some cultures believe that celestial events can cause people to go crazy. To maintain sanity, clerics advise bathing in pee before and after any eclipse.

Of course, staring at the sun can also cause blindness. Coincidently, it's a long-standing tradition in Indian culture to rinse their eyes with urine in order to protect their vision.

That's not the only excretory function beleived to have medical and psychological benefits. The Aghori Babas tribe of Varanasi, India, has an even more disgusting ritual. Every year, they honor Shiva by throwing poop at each other.



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