It's not the first and definitely won't be the last time we get to see Yellowstone grizzlies wrestling. However, you don't often get to see it this up-close-and-personal. Thanks to a very talented photographer on Instagram, now you can.

It's no secret that Tanner Haver has some mad photo skills. If you follow him on Instagram, you are obviously aware. To capture a moment like this, you have to know where the bears are, how to keep yourself (and the bears) safe...and have a really epic camera with a big ole zoom lens.

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In case you're having any issues seeing the YouTube video, here's Tanner's original Instagram share.

I will concur that it never gets old seeing bears in their element when they're not distracted by humans.

If you're new to grizzly interactions in Yellowstone, the North American Bear Center explains how vital these cub wrestling matches are. While these two cubs are play-fighting in a gentle way, it is one of the many ways they learn how to protect themselves as they mature. Eventually, these skills will help them compete for food sources with the other apex predators in Yellowstone like wolves. But, that's a couple years off for these two energetic young bears.

Glad to see photographers like Tanner who can capture moments like this without getting too close to the animals in the Yellowstone ecosystem.

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