A Colorado family planned to have a fun and patriotic 4th of July party. What they didn't know is their get-together was about to be joined by two very large and furry guests who took over their backyard.

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This fun wildlife moment happened in Cascade, Colorado. Stephanie Gangemi first shared this in the Discover Colorado Facebook group. As she described it, her party guest over the 4th of July had to seek shelter inside when a mama bear and cub decided their backyard was the place to goof around.

If you're having trouble viewing the YouTube link, you can see the original video share on Facebook, too.

If you've never been to Cascade, Colorado, it's worth a road trip. Located just west of Colorado Springs, the area is surrounded by forest which is why it's probably not too unusual that bears like these two would end up in their backyard. There's a good chance there are more bears than people in the area around Cascade, Colorado as a matter of fact.

The Discover Colorado Through Your Photos group is worth a join if you enjoy wildlife stuff in the Centennial State.

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