If there were a singular example of how traveling through Yellowstone is not done, it would be this. It's new video showing a motorcyclist who more or less forced his way through a bison herd.

Based on the video time stamp, this incident happened back in June of this past summer in the park. The driver who captured the video and others in his lane had done what they were supposed to do when a bison herd approached. They stopped to allow the animals a peaceful pass by. However, on the side of the road the bison were occupying you'll shortly see a motorcyclist who just can't wait.

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In their guidelines for safely traveling in and around Yellowstone National Park, the National Park Service includes a key phrase:

Pack Your Patience

When you're driving through the park, you can expect to be delayed by bison at some point. My family has never visited the park when we haven't had to happily wait out a bison traffic jam. This cyclist violated every aspect of this in my opinion.

With so many bison traveling with young, the cyclist was not only endangering the herd, but also him/herself as one of these animals could have become aggressive toward him.

This cyclist needs to learn that when you enter Yellowstone National Park, you're entering the wildlife's world. You are just a visitor.

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