Even by crazy people's standards, this is insane. A skier just did an insane backflip through Corbets Coulier and you have to see it to believe it.

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort just shared this video of Jake Hopfinger absolutely nailing a flip through one of the most famous runs in all of skiing.

If you're not familiar with Corbets Couloir, it's one of the most famous chutes in skiing thanks to its sheer vertical challenge. The Jackson Hole Mountain Resort website sums it up like this:

No ski resort in North America has a chute so legendary as Corbet's Couloir in Wyoming—a crucible where skiers go to prove their mettle (or more often, to retreat in fear). The run is named for Barry Corbet, a mountaineer who in 1960 spotted a narrow crease of snow shaped like an upside-down funnel, high up on the mountain now known as Jackson Hole.

I don't think I'd let them lower me down this chute even with ropes attached while Jake Hopfinger completely ignores gravity. By the way, Jake is no stranger to danger. According to his Facebook page, he lives in Bozeman and has some pretty epic highlights of his skiing feats.

Keep an eye on the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Facebook page as it looks like Red Bull TV will be sharing some competitions on the mountain over the weekend. As for me, I'm gonna stay firmly planted on the Earth I was born on. This is fun to watch though.

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