You can hear the driver of the car gasp and it's understandable why. They watched a moose run in front of them on a roadway, fall down and slide between 2 cars. Miraculously, no one (including the moose) was hurt.

Here's how the person who captured the video described this close encounter of the moose kind:

The elk ran across a busy highway, miraculously managed to avoid a fatal collision, literally slipped between the cars and ran safely on. It is noteworthy that there are no moose in this area, but here appeared

Based on the video description, this happened a few weeks ago somewhere in Russia. Bullwinkle nearly bought it.

Several times when my family and I were adventuring in Wyoming and also Colorado, we would see moose cross the roadway. We only had one encounter that was nearly an accident, but we were well aware that a collision between a moose and our family vehicle would likely have not ended well for the moose or us.

We all know that you have to drive differently when you live in an area like ours where wildlife is present and prevalent. You assume there are wildlife waiting to cross the road and consider yourself surprised when there aren't.

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Fortunately, in this case, no people or animals were injured. But, I bet that Bullwinkle has a very unpleasant road rash from that skid. Thankful that it can go back into the wild and do moose things and be where vehicles are not.

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