I mean no offense to commercial car washes in Wyoming, but you truly haven't had your vehicle cleaned until a Yellowstone bison takes an unexpected intense interest in your car.

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It's that time of year when we begin to see the multitude of Yellowstone National Park wildlife interact with millions of tourists. In this case, it was a bison that got up-close-and-personal with this family's car.

This reminds me of a fun conversation happening on TripAdvisor where people are chiming in if they've had a vehicle licked by a bison. (It's a real thing)

Bison and vehicle licking became a national story a few years ago even being covered by a TV station in Tampa, Florida. One of these big beasts licked a car so fiercely that it left scratches. Good luck explaining that to the insurance company.

As most of us in Wyoming know, it's not a sign of bison affection. It's all about the salt. Your vehicles have salt from the roads on the exterior and bison love salt. Easy wildlife math. Fortunately, for this encounter the bison went his merry way after having his way with their vehicle and they seemed to enjoy the experience.

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