I now know that I've had a false sense of security when I'm in a boat. A brand new video share shows an angry bear who really was trying to attack fishermen as they were cruising down a river.

I normally restrict my bear shares to things that happen in our part of the world. However, I found this bear's demeanor so aggressive, I thought it might be a teachable moment in case we have any tourists that get a little too comfy when they're on our waterways. Here's how the fishermen described what happened:

We rode a boat along the Kamchatka River and on the way we met a bear that began to swim behind us and roar menacingly, we did not rush so that I could shoot a video, then we broke away from him and he remained swimming in the river.

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Do yourself a favor and turn up your sound as loud as you can bear it (no pun intended). This big boy's roar is something to behold.

Several comments on YouTube felt like the fishermen were aggravating the bear. I would tend to agree. Get away from the animal and leave him alone. One person was concerned that the bear was requesting help from the fishermen since he was too far from land. I'm afraid I wouldn't be raising my hand and volunteering to put this bear in my boat. Sorry. I have to draw the line somewhere.

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