If you saw a huge fireball in the sky this past weekend, you are not alone. More than 40 people so far told of a huge light in the sky Sunday morning and now there's video to prove it.

Based on the American Meteor Society website, this huge meteor was widely seen as far north as central Wyoming and as far south as New Mexico.

American Meteor Society.org
American Meteor Society.org
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Here's what the event looked like from several different camera angles.

Most of the sightings were over the Front Range of Colorado, but it's crazy that this meteor was visible over such a wide swath of the western United States.

It's worth noting that there was another fireball reported over parts of Idaho, Washington state and Oregon about a half hour later. It makes me wonder if these were early meteors in the Orionid meteor shower that is normally visible from early October until early November.

It's a spectacular sky sight no matter if it was part of a bigger meteor shower or not. Fortunately with so many homes having doorbell security cameras, these fireballs can be captured for everyone to see.

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