MTV has just released a piece detailing why celebrities such as Kanye West, Jeffree Star, Eric Bischoff and more have decided to move to our great state.

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Of course, Wyomingites already know why our state is so great, and as more and more celebrities find this out for themselves, a huge question remains:

Are celebrities who move to Wyoming actually making it harder for the middle-class to remain in the Cowboy State?

That is what this MTV piece aims to discuss.

"Has the Wild West (as in the land, not Kanye) become too expensive for normal people?" the host of the video asks. "Pop culture doesn't just impact music charts and box office numbers. It has real world implications for our lives."

The video is an interesting take on the pros and cons of a spotlight being shown on Wyoming and, despite some to-be-expected stereotypes and a few mispronunciations of words, it actually raises some good points about celebrities moving to Wyoming.

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