For the first time ever, I am speechless. Of all the wildlife moments I've shared over the years, this one is the hardest for me to understand. It's video of an elk who was trying really hard to make a lumberjack her friend.

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There's no mention of exactly where this happened. Perhaps that's for good reason. Maybe the guy would like to stay anonymous. I think the person who captured the video is as speechless as I am. All they said on the video share on Rumble was this:

This elk wanted some attention from a guy cutting up trees.

He's not wrong. Watch the most unusual elk behavior I've ever seen for yourself.

My understanding was that it's normally a good idea to not get this close to wildlife, but in defense of the lumberjack, it looks like this was all the elk's fault. I'm not sure what she was trying to accomplish, but she really really seems to like him. Really.

As if this year hasn't been strange enough already, now the elk are trying to adopt lumberjacks. I'm stumped. (No tree pun intended)

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