The popular YouTube video page Whiskey Vault opened their request list and were asked to review Wyoming Whiskey. Their assessment might surprise some people who first opened a bottle of the states namesake brand and hated it.

Their review does not just include tasting and commenting. The Somm and The Mooch are interested enough in the product that they are tasting that they present the view with the history of Wyoming Whiskey and the Mead family as they taste.

From there they decided to pop the top on a bottle of Bullet Rye and explore the different sensations and flavors they tasted.

They liked them both so much they encouraged folks to go out and try it.

Early Wyoming Whiskey video reviewers were not so impressed. But the later the video, the older the batch, the better the review. That lends some validity to the argument that perhaps Wyoming Whiskey released their first batch a bit too soon, and should have let it age longer.

The Vlog Women Do Whiskey were happy with the drink but not impressed. They more enjoyed the T-shirts that Wyoming Whiskey sent them for free.

A 2015 review by Scotch Test Dummies showed a couple of guys who enjoyed what hey were drinking a bit more then the early on line reviews.

A January 2017 review by Big Red Liquors has a reviewer who was overwhelmed by how wonderful he thought it tasted.

So it seems that the more patient the brewers of Wyoming Whiskey are the more people like it.

WhiskeyCast features Wyoming Whiskey's interesting history and origin and their current brewing process.


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