It's likely you've heard by now that another tourist has been gored by a bison in Yellowstone. There's new video of the incident that shows this may have been a heroic effort that saved a child's life.

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As we reported recently, yes, a man was gored in Yellowstone National Park this week. However, if you think this was an incident where it's just another case of tourists messing with wildlife, you haven't heard the full story.

Watch closely and you'll see the man gored was stepping in to lift a child out of the way of the charging bison.

Did they get too close to a bison? Absolutely. Should they have been proactive in backing away from the animal? I believe so. But, let's give credit when credit was due. That man put his life on the line to lift a child out of the way of an angry bison.

This is another case of not passing judgment until you know the full story. I believe this video needs to be included with the narrative of another tourist getting too close to wildlife in Yellowstone National Park. In my eyes, he's a hero and hopefully recovers from his injuries soon.

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