When it comes to politics, Wyoming is one of the most conservative states in America. In fact, the last Democratic Presidential candidate to carry the Cowboy State was Lyndon Johnson way back in 1964.

This week, Roadsnacks released two studies ranking the most conservative, and the most liberal, towns in Wyoming, based on statistics from the 2012 Presidential Election.

Most Conservative:

1.  Wright - The small town of Wright, Wyoming, claims the title of the most conservative place in the Cowboy State. In 2012, 85.1% of registered voters chose the Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

2. Gillette - Although the percentage of conservatives is slightly lower than Wright's, 85% of voters in Gillette supported the GOP in the last election.

3. Newcastle - Another conservative stronghold in the northeastern part of the state, nearly 84% of Newcastle residents voted Republican.

4. Kemmerer - This western Wyoming town, known as the birthplace of the J.C. Penney Company, is the fourth most conservative place in Wyoming. Nearly 83% cast their vote for Romney in the last presidential election.

5. Afton - The home of the world's largest elk antler arch rounds out the list of the five most conservative towns in Wyoming. 82.9% of voters supported the Republican party in 2012.

Most Liberal:

1. Jackson - The only town in Wyoming where a majority of voters supported Obama, and it was still close. Just over 54% of Jackson residents voted to re-elect the President in 2012.

2. Laramie - Although most Laramie residents voted Republican, it's still the second most liberal place in Wyoming. In 2012, nearly 46% supported the Democrats.

3. Cheyenne - Just to give you an idea of how conservative Wyoming is, only 36% of voters in the Capital City chose Obama in 2012...and it's one of the most liberal cities in the state.

4. Rawlins - Nearly 1/3 of Rawlins residents were in favor of Obama's re-election, making it Wyoming's fourth most liberal place.

5. Lander - Over 68% of Lander voters cast their ballots for Mitt Romney in 2012. Yet, with 31.48% of the population siding with the Democrats, it ranks among Wyoming's largest liberal hotbeds.


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