What song will Cheyenne be singing on Christmas Day? Will we be dreaming of a white Christmas? Or will we have been through the desert on a reindeer with no name?

The National Weather Service did the math and examined the data to find out the chances of snow on Christmas. They even put it in this handy map. According to the numbers, Cheyenne does not really have a good chance of a white Christmas.

The Weather Service figures that the Cheyenne area has a 37% chance of at least one inch of snow on Christmas. The Laramie area, with it's higher elevation, has a 55% chance of at least one inch of snow on Christmas.

Even further up the mountain, Centennial, WY has a 69% chance. That's good news for Snowy Range Ski Area! If you really have your heart set on a white Wyoming Christmas, the Yellowstone Park area in the northwestern part of the state has a 99% chance.

If, however, you want to go the other way, Albuquerque, New Mexico only has a 4% chance of a White Christmas. Plus, you could take a Breaking Bad location tour while you enjoy some blue-colored rock candy and a pizza on the roof.

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