The Pokes have now had two football games broadcasted on Facebook for the 2017 schedule. Did you watch one, or both? And did you actually enjoy their treatment of the play-by-play?

My play-by-play was only score by scoreboard updates. The video stream on my smartphone app would only read, "error." I just assume it was because of something I did/didn't do right. Yes, I'm tech dumb. I do wonder, however, if I was the only one who had a problem like that? Maybe not everyone my age needs a 5-year-old as their personal help desk, but you know what I mean. Is it progress if you reach the point where you no longer yell at the technology and try your basic troubleshooting skill like re-booting?

When I came in today, asking if anyone else had a problem, I mostly heard it was fine. I also heard, "The interactivity was pretty cool," and, "We popped up the laptop on full screen." (Yeah, one day I'll get me one of them.)

So yes, I feel like I was the only one who had difficulty. Or was I? If you were that other one who couldn't get the game on Facebook, please, tell me if you found out why. In fact, take our poll and tell us about it on our Facebook page.