Have you ever driven over 52 humps north of Cheyenne?

There is a stretch of dirt road north of Cheyenne that has legendary steep hills where many cars have been airborne, wrecked and partied in. 

While in school at Central High, there were lots of stories about the big keggers held out at 52 humps, do you remember any of those? Probably not if you were really there.

I think the official street sign for the stretch of dirt road known as '52 Humps' is Telephone Road. And I've never counted all 52 hills, not sure if anyone ever made it that far. Seems like I've heard the area called '7 Humps' too.

One lesson I learned from driving too fast over those hills on the dirt roads is always wear your seat belt. I was nearly thrown out of my vehicle when I rolled it there. I was an inexperienced driver in my first car, a 1970 Ford Maverick, and was driving much too fast and slid off the side of the road, rolling my car 2 and a half times.

This is still one of the best parts of Wyoming, some of the untamed roads where you can get away from it all. Do you have any stories to tell from 52 Humps?