Just because bars close at 10 pm, doesn't mean you can't ring in the New Year with a kick, socially distant from friends or family. So, what would Wyoming drink to tell 2020 to get out of here, we don't want you here anymore? The folks at Zippia decided to do the nerd work so we know how to celebrate properly. Here's how they figured it out.

Using Google Trends, we determined what beverage each state will be ringing in the New Year’s with.

We examined over 30 popular drinks- including champagne, classic cocktails, and fruity concoctions. From there, we determined each state’s most “uniquely searched cocktails” from the list, which means what drink each state searched for more than anywhere else in the U.S from the list of drinks.

In the event of two (or more) drinks tying for a state, the drink with the highest, overall search volume was chosen.

Let's check out our friends around the Cowboy State. The noisy neighbors to our south in Colorado are boring and traditional with Champagne. Idaho made me use Google to figure out what the heck Paloma is, Montana is looking for that Tequila Sunrise and Nebraska is all about a Vodka Cranberry.

What about the Cowboy State? We're all about White Russians, apparently, the Dude approves. I mean, I'm not saying White Russians aren't tasty, but it's a little surprising. I guess they'll make for a better liquor jacket than beer. Maybe.

What do you think? What will you be cracking bottles of?

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