It’s been well documented that Wyomingites enjoy a nice brew...or whiskey...or tequila, but, what brew has Wyoming feeling an international flavor? The answer may not surprise you, as Wyoming join most of the rest of the country in their favorite international brew. The website, Zippia helped us out with some hardcore journalist research, or something like that. 

Taking a look at the outliers first, if you go on the southern coast of the US, starting at Louisiana and cross all the way to California, you love Modelo, which also happens to be Colorado’s favorite international brew. Guiness does well in the more northern states in the Midwest and Northeast. 

So where does Wyoming fall in? We apparently love Corona(no Covid jokes, please). We fall in with probably 80 percent of the rest of the country, and it kind of shows that Americans, as a whole love Mexican beer. I’ll attribute that to Sunday Fundays. Nothing like a nice Corona smashed into your marg, right? 

Anyways, what about the less common ones that are still favorites? Our noisy neighbors to the south, love Tsingtoa, Montana is living in the 90s with Heiniken and the Cowboy state is feeling the English vibes with Newcastle. I guess that works better with the malty flavor during the colder months.  

The whole reason Zippia did this survey was in honor of International Beer Day, which is Friday, so party down and drink up for that.  

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