There’s the mayoral activities that make the TV and print media, but what Cheyenne’s new Mayor Marian Orr has been up to out of the spotlight is lifting people’s lives from previous setbacks. She’s been in the company of some offenders of the law, some former substance abusers and a number of men who just want to better themselves, gain some skills and make themselves more marketable and better providers.

These are men who signed on to the Wyoming state program; Dads Making A Difference. In a previous post, We showed how Mayor Orr managed to secure an indoor location to learn construction during a freezing cold winter, while they helped Habitat For Humanity families at the same time.

From across Wyoming, they came to better themselves. Some seemed summa cum laude from the school of hard knocks, some wanted to step up from a job to a career. Wednesday night, 8 of the original 10 men made the cut to being better men, better fathers, better family leaders, better employees and better members of our community.

There were tough challenges that some couldn't handle, but these guys went the distance and earned their diplomas. They all already have jobs and are taking care of business with new skills for work and for life.

Cooper, Townsquare Media
Cooper, Townsquare Media

Last night Cheyenne Mayor Marian Orr brought the gift of "the power of saying yes." Yes to challenges and yes to opportunities and other encouraging words to inspire and motivate the graduating class.

Congratulations to the Dads who took up the challenge to take responsibility for their lives and make them better. Congratulations to the crew who just turned another group of men into better citizens in our communities. We are all better off because of their efforts.

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