Love is in the air, so is snow and heavy winds, but, mostly love. How are you going to celebrate with that special someone? Are you going to find a nice barrel outside of an Italian restaurant and share a bowl of spaghetti?  Ok, that's Lady and The Tramp, but, really? Covid has impacted a lot of things that we could do, but, there are still plenty of options. And, hey, if you don't have that special someone and are against the holiday, we have you covered with that, too.

The Metropolitan 

Heavy hitter, right here. The Metropolitan is a really nice place, AND they're going big this weekend with a wine pairing.

Freedom's Edge Brewing Company

Freedom's Edge teamed up with the Cheyenne Animal Shelter to bring you, Puppy Love, A Date With Your Dog. This is my favorite so far, just to put that out there. You can take your dog to Freedom's Edge and get a beer for you and a private table, with professional pictures. All of this for 20 bucks and it helps out the Cheyenne Animal Shelter.

The Office Bar And Grill

This seems like a heavy hitter, tons of food options to show her off, and special drinks. You can even take the date to their cigar lounge for a cocktail afterward.

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Danielmark's Brewery And Taproom

Danielmark's has it figured out. Why just celebrate Valentines Day when Fat Tuesday is right around the corner? Great Mardi Gras food for your Valentine..

Wyoming's Rib And Chophouse

Rib and Chophouse know's how make your Valentine's Day great with all their specials and great atmosphere.

Accomplice Beer Company

And finally, if you're not into Valentines Day, neither is Accomplice. They're celebrating their annual Minus 1 event.

Join us for Accomplice Beer Company's annual Minus 1 event with games & broken heart shaped pizzas!
FREE pint of beer AND pizza if you unfriend on Facebook & delete your EX’s phone number in front of an ABC team member. FREE pint only if you do just one. Bring a picture of your EX to DART YOUR EX for one FREE shot.
Celebrate being single or just finally getting over an EX. We can’t wait to have you in to explain how much better off you are without them!

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