We had more kids this Halloween than the last several years, according to our next door neighbors. Just after eight, the young trick-or-treaters were replaced by tweens and then teens. Now, my wife and I have plenty of candy left over and want to get it out of our house so we aren’t tempted into a sugar coma.

So we thought about the possibilities of candy disposal. They include:

Tossing out any unwrapped candy and cavity inducing sticky candies, like Tootsie Rolls, taffy and caramel that sticks to your teeth.

Over 2,500 dentists host buy back or trade programs that give a dollar for every pound and then distribute candy to our troops through Operation Gratitude and Operation Shoebox.

Let your kids make a gift basket for their grandparents.

You can easily drop the candy in the break room at work and they will quickly disappear.

Try using a zester, grinder or food processor to make ground chocolate or candy for your holiday baking. Sprinkle it on hot cocoa, cookies or cupcakes. Chocolate in coffee is tasty as mocha.

Next to remembering our troops, I like this link for the Top 10 Scientific Uses For Leftover Halloween Candy