The 22nd annual Wyoming Brewers Festival is coming up next weekend. To wet your whistle for two glorious nights of consumption, here are ten things you can expect to see.

1. There will be many high fives, which, in some cases, may lead to hugging.

2.  You may have beer spilled on you. You may spill beer on someone else. You will definitely spill beer on yourself.

3. Middle-aged men will start spontaneously dancing. Their moves will not be smooth.

4. You will visit at least one brewery from a town you've never heard of.

5. You will likely hear intermittent chanting of the words  "beer" and "U.S.A".

6. By the third hour, you will have no idea what beer you are drinking or what brewery you got it from. You will simply refer to it as "the one over there".

7. You will stand in line for 15 mintues waiting for food, which you will devour like a rabid animal in under one minute.

8. Someone will pee in the sink.

9. Drunk dudes will randomly start singing "Sweet Caroline".

10. One member of your party will stumble away from the group and end up at a bar down the street.



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