With working remotely seeming to be a big part of our lives moving forward, this survey from Zippia seems pretty interesting, all things considered. I mean, yeah, there are certain hubs in each state where you might do better, depending on your profession, but, you can work anywhere, so that should probably be thought about. Another part of this would be thrown into "things to do". Here's how they figured things out.

We first examined the number of adults in each city over 15 who have never married. While you technically just need one fish in the sea, it certainly helps when you can weed out the fish with bad taste in music and other undesirable qualities. Similarly, single adults are often more open to social encounters- which can make building friendships easier.

However, dating isn’t cheap! And men and women both want partners who are successful in their fields and capable of paying their own living.

So we then examined median income to find the cities where young professionals can expect to bring home the biggest paychecks. Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy creature comforts and pay off hefty student loans which goes a long way.

Finally, we looked at average unemployment. If that first job doesn’t end up being a dream job, getting your next job is easier when you’re in a city with a strong labor market.

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When I first found this survey, I assumed, 100 percent, it would be Cheyenne, hands down. I was wrong. Apparently, the best place to be a single young professional is Casper. I can see that, plenty of amenities and much closer to national parks.

It's fun to note that West Virginia is blank and doesn't have a city at all.

Via Zippia
Via Zippia


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