It doesn't take much to get the conspiracy theorists rile up these days, but a semi-recent post from a weird fact, Twitter account, has re-fanned the Yellowstone supervolcano flames (and yes, pun intended).

Back in December 21st, 2020, UberFacts posted the following interesting fact on their official Twitter feed:

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This is obviously nothing new to Wyomingites. We've been taught this since grade school, but we also know that this is very unlikely to happen, at least not anytime remotely in the general future.

That being said, several doomsday theorists believe that the danger in Yellowstone National Park is imminent. Around Summer 2020, we posted a list of what events might actually trigger the supervolcano to erupt.

At this point, I think we should get past the COVID-19 pandemic prior to worrying about any Extinction Level Events.

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