Did you happen to see this at all over the weekend? No, we are not talking about the yellow snow that you or your pet creates, but actual, yellowish-brown snow falling from the sky as Xylia passed overhead.

My wife and I first noticed this on Sunday, the bizarre phenomenon plastered to our fence in the backyard. My initial thought was maybe the stain from the fence was bleeding through the snow. However, that couldn't have been the case because there were numerous other locations in our yard that had the same tint to the snow.

Twitter user Thom Cram said it was a little sample of Mexico beached in his yard in Fort Collins.

It's almost as if Mother Nature was trying to make a weird joke by sending sand and dust from the beaches of Mexico in what has been named the fourth-largest winter storm ever recorded in Denver. Either that, or it's a gentle reminder that summer will soon be on its way to Northern Colorado.

Source: National Weather Service Albuquerque 

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