Opening the door with one eye open on March 2nd. Looks good!

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Well, it's official. Comic-Con 2021 has been turned into a virtual event. The event felt July was too soon to hold the star studded affair. I guess you can virtually dress up like Jon Snow.

This is incredible news if you're a fan of Cobra Kai. Season 4 has started at least pre-production. A picture on Twitter revealed a script for season 4 of the Netflix show.

If you want to have the same laugh at Seth Rogan, good news, everyone's favorite new generation stoner has created his own cannabis company called Houseplant. Cute. Soon you'll be able to purchase his, ahem, house plants, online or in some California dispensaries.

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Trending Locally

With St. Patrick's Day just around the corner, where is the best place to get Corned Beef and Cabbage? According to Yelp, The Office Bar and Grill has THE BEST in Cheyenne.

Taco Johns is raising funds for Friends Of Youth Alternative. You can help the cause by rounding up your purchase at any local Taco Johns in the month of March. The Friends' Of Youth Alternative work to keep Cheyenne based kids between the ages of 5 and 17 out of the criminal justice system.

And finally, if you still can't get enough of the Tiger King fade from early 2020 pandemic times, you can get a Tiger King tee shirt from a wild life rescue in Colorado. The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keensburg, Colorado has rescued nearly 100 animals from the Tiger King's ranch.


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