Having a pickup truck can get you beer and pizza--that seems to be the universal currency from those who are relocating. KingFM DJs Chuck Gieger and Steve Cooper found this to be a moving experience, helping our friend Tina.

It was cold, snowing off and on and foggy-as-all-get-out, but even though it was a sunny day when I agreed to help a friend, the day of the move was icy, as you can see from the coated trees in the background.

The coolest thing was five proselytizing Brothers & Sisters from The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, came by and offered to help (without trying the big sell). Where were they when my wife and I moved three months ago?? They were really cool to help, worked hard and had a great attitude. I wonder if they'll ever come back to my friends new house again... I'll be doing some serious landscaping this spring, I should get their numbers.

The best part was getting back home and the wife had some pizza ready to go.



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