We have a unique opportunity in Wyoming to view the solar eclipse August 21 without traveling far. So we'd like to know, where you plan to view the eclipse, if at all.

I've spoken with many who have made travel arrangements to stay the night in one of the Wyoming "eclipse-towns," but I've spoken to more folks who say their just going to spend a couple hours in one of them before heading back home.

Casper folks of course have the option of simply stepping outside to see it, but it gets a bit more tricky if you're from outside of the "view-able" area.

Grand Teton National Park and Jackson are expecting tens of thousands of tourists, as is the most populated city in the eclipse path, Casper. Other possible options include Dubois, Riverton, Shoshoni, Glenrock, Douglas, Lusk, Torrington, and Wheatland.

One of best spots in the entire country to see it the longest apparently is the Boysen Reservoir Causeway, which is located between Shoshoni and Riverton.

Many events are scheduled for the preceding weekend in Casper, dubbed as "Eclipse Festival Weekend."

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