Wyoming's three major television news networks all respectively have a storied history in the Cowboy State.

Cheyenne's only TV news station, KGWN, otherwise known as News Channel 5 was founded in March of 1954. Channel 5 is a CBS affiliate.

Casper's current ABC affiliate, KTWO, better known simply as K2, signed on in 1957 and is currently celebrating their 60th anniversary.

Finally, the new kids on the block, NBC affiliate KCWY or News Channel 13, arrived in 2001 also broadcasting from Casper.

K2 dominated the Wyoming Association of Broadcasters award for "Best News Channel" winning three consecutive times, before 2017 when KGWN "de-throned" them.

We'd like to know which station you like best so far this year, we'll reveal the winner next week!


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