We'll have a look at what Cheyenne has to offer in healthy grocery stores, but another arrival of an organic/health chain has just been announced for ... Fort Collins.

Lucky's Market - in the health market - is one of the fastest growing chains, now with the backing of Kroger Corporation. Lucky's will be in the vacant FoCo Sports Authority location, with a nearby Safeway closed as of Feb18.

In the area, however, there are already a number of choices for the Northern Colorado health conscious: Fort Collins Food Coop, Sprouts, Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. And those are just the bigger chains, without mentioning mom & pops, like Crunchy Grocer in Loveland. The Organic Trade Association has reported record sales as much as $43.3 billion in a year.

This begs a question of how many organic/health food stores there are in Cheyenne. We’re basically looking at the closest thing to it right here - 5116 Frontier Mall Drive.

Scott Letourneau, Townsquare Media

Natural Grocers locations are all over the western U.S. As for number of locations, they are a big chain. It's just that each one is just not very big. It does seem admirable that Natural Grocers prides itself in "What we won't sell."

Aside from places like Golden Dragon International on Seymour, and It's Only Natural on Stillwater Ave. (which now seems to be a carpet store), that's about it.

I liked Trader Joe's in Denver (Colorado Blvd) because it was impressively not as expensive as some chains can be. When I went into a Whole Foods in Lone Tree, CO, I got a slab of sashimi grade salmon with just a couple of other things that racked up nearly $30. In South suburban Denver, everything is expensive, so I guess that's part of why big chains locate there - more people with more money.

And there we have it, or don't have it- Cheyenne just doesn't have the population to sustain a larger natural store. But at least we have something available.