We can't possibly be excited for either one of these teams to win, right?

We're just over a week away from the big game, Super Bowl 53. We'll see the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots battle it out for the coveted Vince Lombardi Trophy and the endless shower of confetti. It should be the biggest game of the year, but this year we may be more excited about the cheese dip than anything else.

See, this year's outcomes is a lose-lose.

First off, if your team isn't playing in the game, you've probably already tuned out. Why watch someone else take all of the fame and glory that your team deserves. I usually try to jump on another team's bandwagon, just to have someone to cheer for, but this year feels a little to slimy to do that.

That feeling runs deep for me and it's probably not even valid. I dislike the Rams because they moved to Los Angeles, the same city that stole my San Diego Chargers. I grew up in San Diego and although the Bolts weren't always the best team to root for, they were ours and we showed up in blind faith believing that they were going to do something special year in and year out.

Moving on.

Second of all, take a look at the conference championship games. Neither one ended well and the officiating was the worst we have ever seen. It's almost as if the men in stripes were told to make each game go into overtime. And don't even get me started on those ridiculous overtime rules. Who in their right mind thought it was a good idea put the entire game in the hands of a coin toss? That's essentially what it is. I'm willing to be most teams who win the coin toss and take the ball first in extended play are the ones who win almost all of the time. Why? Because the other team has no chance for a rebuttal, unless the first team only gets a field goal. Huh?


Back to the conference championships. Regardless of which game you were watching, it was horrendous. Maybe you're on the #SaintsGotRobbed train after a terrible "no call" that prevented New Orleans from setting up for a game-winning field goal. Or maybe you're on the #CheifsGotCheated bandwagon after the refs failed to offer a first-time warning to a Kansas City defender who was lined up in the neutral zone and they didn't even throw a flag until after the play resulted in a game-sealing Chiefs' interception.

So now we all feel like we're watching a game between two teams who don't deserve to be there.

Not to mention, the season both the Saints and the Chiefs had this year was something to be rewarded. Both teams deserved to win conference championships. And as fans of the game we all deserved to watch two great teams who worked their tails off the entire season, battle it out like titans for the fame and glory... and the fancy rings.

Instead we'll be eating away our New Years resolutions as our watch party balloons deflate, sinking to the floor.

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