Right now there is only one open.

Any kind of rebirth of drive-in theaters was certainly magnified when the pandemic hit. After regular theaters were closed down, people started getting antsy for other kinds of entertainment aside from Netflix. States slowly started allowing people to take in a movie from their own vehicle. This was something that was wildly popular way back in the day. Some traditionalists kept many of these theaters alive however, most were abandoned.

Now in 2020 it's the cool thing to do.

In fact, we're seeing concerts be scheduled at drive-in theaters. Some will feature an artist on stage while others will take advantage of technology and stream a live performance. It definitely won't feel like a typical live show, but if it's all we can get right now, we'll take it!

PopSugar recently put together a list of drive-ins across the nation. There are hundreds in operation. New York actually has the most with 25, but Wyoming only has one location, the American Dream Drive-In in Powell. I was kind of bummed to see that. Driveinmovie.com says that there were four operating drive-ins as recently as 2000, but the other three locations have closed.

Do you think we'll see that change with people looking for entertainment options?

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