Have you ever heard of Mayfield, Missouri? It's a town long lost to history where about the only thing that remains is a witch's grave on the side of the road.

The story of how it got there is even stranger.

The Jagged Things YouTube channel recently found remnants of what used to be Mayfield, Missouri. Here's how they described what they found:

Come with us as we search for signs of the 1800s town of Mayfield's existence and its lost graves. Bonus, our discovery of witch's grave. Town was said to have disappeared in the late 1800s.

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They find a small cemetery, but the grave of the alleged witch is not there. It's on the side of the road. As they tell it, the citizens believed the woman was a witch and did not want her buried in the same cemetery as the other citizens, so she was entombed along the side of this sad road.

The woman's name was Laycock who lived in the 1800's. Because of the belief that she was involved in the supernatural, now passersby leave tokens on her grave including skulls, jewelry and someone has vandalized a nearby tree with an occult symbol.

There is next to no history of the community of Mayfield, Missouri. It was located south of Cape Girardeau, but even the Wikipedia page has almost no information other than it's an unincorporated area. There's only one real fact shared about how the town got its name:

Mayfield had been named by W.H. Mayfield, who had established the post office in 1886.

That's it. Just rubble of maybe one home somewhere in this area and the grave of an alleged witch. A sad legacy for a lost Missouri community.

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