A lot of old homes have stories, but few have the history of this Missouri mansion. It began as a dream home, but became a sanitorium after the untimely death of a young girl named Sophia.

Now, it's officially considered one of the most haunted buildings in Missouri.

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If you look up "haunted places", you'll quickly see that the Vaile Mansion in the Kansas City area regularly comes up at the top of most lists. Visit Independence hails it at the beginning of their haunted places site. It was built in 1881 and was the home of a family who's daughter Sophia became ill. As the story goes, in 1883 Sophia had stomach cancer and died from an overdose of morphine. Visit Independence says that it was officially ruled suicide. Those that visit the home now claim that Sophia never left.

After Sophia's death, her father was accused of mail fraud according to Legends of America. They say he began to go crazy and his loss of sanity led to the suicide of his wife, Sophia's mother.

In the early 1900's, the Vaile Mansion became a sanitorium and there are those who claim they've seen apparitions of lobotomy patients in the basement .

Look at the reviews of the Vaile Mansion on TripAdvisor and you'll find many "who thinks that this house is haunted" posts. The city of Independence itself seems to be convinced that there is something supernatural within those walls. Only In Your State also mentioned it in a recent article.

According to the official website, the Vaile Mansion is about to go through a restoration process. I wonder what they'll find behind those walls or what activity might be stirred up in a Missouri mansion that is already home to many creepy stories.

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