Some people dream of building a time machine. One Missouri man really did it and did one thing very few can claim. He disappeared.

The story of "Madman" Mike Marcum dates back to 1995. His story is documented on Wikipedia and has even been shared by books on Audible and Soundcloud. He was even featured on the Art Bell radio show in September of 1995. Art Bell's website documents Mike's story and adds that he was alleged to have stolen 6 transformers from a Missouri power station.

The Missouri sub-Reddit adds that Mike's time machine was known as Jacob's Ladder. According to their story, Mike did build a machine and disappeared in 1997. The story gets much wilder. According to that share, Mike is believed to be a mysterious man who was found dead on a beach in California in the 1930's. Say what?

The story of "Madman" Mike Marcum has resurface again. This time as a story that's being passed around on TikTok.

@ghosttoast_toons Madman Mike Marcum & the Time Machine #timemachine #time #machine #timetravel #timetraveler #time #paranormal #story ♬ Suspense, horror, piano and music box - takaya

Mike's time travel story became the obsession of many online who even went so far as to travel to Missouri to try and communicate with him or learn of his whereabouts. One problem: there was no sign of Mike or his machine.

Did "Madman" Mike Marcum just change his name and move to solidify his position as an urban legend or did he really successfully build a time machine? Only he (and possibly 1930's California police on that beach) knows the truth.

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