Wyoming Highway Patrol troopers arrested a woman on Monday morning for driving north in the southbound lane of Interstate 25 in Casper, according to an affidavit filed with Natrona County Circuit Court.

Katie Lynn Sanders, 27, was charged with a second offense of driving under the influence, interference with a peace officer, driving while license suspended for driving under the influence, and possession of an open container of alcohol, according to the affidavit.

About 8:30 a.m. authorities received reports of a vehicle driving the wrong way on the interstate, and a trooper saw the car crossing the Wyoming Boulevard Bridge at 8:35 a.m.

"There was heavy traffic in the southbound lane it was all moving to the shoulder to avoid the vehicle which continued to drive northbound until I brought my vehicle directly head to head with the vehicle and it finally stopped," according to the trooper's affidavit.

The trooper saw a lone female occupant, got out of his vehicle, with to the passenger side of the vehicle and removed the keys from the ignition. The officer smelled the odor of an alcoholic beverage. Sanders had slurred speech, slow and deliberate movements and made unusual statements.

She said she knew she was driving the wrong way and was trying to find a place to turn around.

He drove the vehicle to a safer space on the highway, and saw Sanders swaying while she walked.

He asked for her identification, sat in the vehicle and first gave a receipt for a rental vehicle, then gave an identification card.

The officer asked her to perform sobriety tests and she refused.

Sanders said she had nothing to drink that day, was in Casper visiting family, and was trying to get to work, but couldn't identify the business.

She asked for her keys, but the trooper wouldn't give them to her until it was determined she was safe to drive.

Another trooper arrived, helped the first trooper pull her from her vehicle,  arrested her and took her to the Natrona County Detention Center.

While at the jail, the second trooper conducted a breath test, with Sanders registering a 0.297 BAC at 9:25 a.m.

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