This week, a couple in Arkansas made national news by naming their newborn daughter after their favorite restaurant, Olive Garden. Somewhere in Wyoming, there's a family that will name their son Taco John.

Before naming Olivia, Justin Garton grew up eating at the Olive Garden every week. After he met his wife Jordan, they purchased a "never ending pasta pass" and dined there up to six days per week.

Here in the Cowboy State, many people share the same love for our homegrown fast food franchise. In a 2016 poll, 80% of Wyoming residents said they would take a date to Taco John's.

We even heard from a few married couples who went to TJ's on their first date, including Phylicia Peterson, who wrote, "My husband bought me a churro on our first date. Five years now and going strong. Moral of the story, churros build relationships".

Maybe they'll be the first couple to name their child Taco John.

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