It's 2020, and if the sci-fi f my youth is to be believed we should all be wearing matching jumpsuits and driving flying cars.

Well, we know those technological achievements haven't come to pass, yet. But, an amazing achievement has been made in the field of Valentine Day gifts.

The restaurant Olive Garden is again giving people the opportunity to say 'I Love You' with the gift of breadsticks.

Starting February 13 Olive Garden will be selling Breadstick Bouquets. It's really just about four breadsticks in a fancy paper holder. But, who doesn't love bread, right? Plus it as garlic and cheese, so you can't really g wrong here.

If you can't wait until February 13, you can download the bouquet holders from Olive Garden's site, to print out and put some DIY love into your V-Day gift.

SOURCE: Delish

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