Say hello to Heather and Shannon--no relation--both part of the Cheyenne work force.

Tuesday night, Janis (my wife) and I went out for dinner. And I needed a haircut, too (not at the same place. Don't worry).

Doesn't sound like the most interesting night out though, does it?

First, we went to Great Clips and I needed my "ears lowered," an old-school term for a haircut. We met Heather, a stylist at the location on Dell Range, and started chatting about Cheyenne's great attributes. Heather isn't exactly a fan of cold weather, but loves spring and summer. Don't we all, Heather. Don't we all.

BTW: great haircut for $7.99. I was paying $15.00 in Alaska. And definitely didn't look as good as I do now.

Then we scooted off to dinner at Olive Garden near the mall. Shannon was the coolest, most customer-service-oriented server we've met in years. Not only did she bring out piping hot food, but she spent time talking to us about the town and where she was from in Nebraska. Essentially, she welcomed us to Cheyenne. We plan on coming back once a month for pasta and Shannon.

Get to know the businesses around town and the people who make them hum. You'll be surprised how many great employees our local businesses have.

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