My wife and I made a trip to Saratoga for a few days of relaxing at the resort in town. I’ll tell you one thing, if you need to recharge from the craziness of what 2020 has done to us, this is a pretty good place to do it. Even the drive was enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing as we cut through Medicine Bow and the Snowy Range. One of the advantages for us to stay at Saratoga Hot Springs Resort was, you guessed it, there’s a brewery at the resort! 

Enter Snowy Mountain Brewery 

Snowy Mountain Brewery had a lot of beers to choose from on their menu, IPAs, Ales, Stouts, you name it. The beer I enjoyed the most and deserves the most love, in my humble opinion, was their Scottish Ale, Beam Me Up Scotty. I’ve never really been into Star Trek, but the Scottish Ale was worth the Trek. See what I did there? Why do I hear crickets. Any who, this ale is very tasty, a little boozy at 5.8 ABV, but not bad.  

Here’s how they describe it 

Beam Me Up Scotty. This elevated Scotch Ale is malty, hearty and rich. Perfect summer beer. 

While I agree with the descriptions, I think this beer would pair better in the cooler months due to the bite from the ABV, but that’s just my opinion. This was such a treat to drink in the beautiful backdrop of Saratoga. If you want to take the gorgeous drive from Cheyenne, I recommend stopping and grabbing a pint, or more. You can check out the current beer list here.

Fun Musings 

This was the first, mini vacation my wife and I have been able to take since moving to the Front Range in March, that didn’t involve driving to Denver and flying into Nashville to visit family north of Nashville. So it was nice to kind of escape. We got into town Sunday afternoon, checked into our room and investigated the brewery. Our server was a younger woman, she told us she wasn’t old enough to pour our beers, her name was Hailey and I’m pretty sure she was the most delightful part of going to the brewery...multiple times. After the first time of her waiting on us, she was like, you guys know the run down, I can’t pour this for you, BUT YOU’LL WANT OUR DESERTS! She has a life in sales ahead of her.  

If you have any beer suggestions for me in the Wyoming area, let me know, I'll try them and review them. 

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