While many of her rivals are calling Republican congressional candidate Liz Cheney a "carpetbagger" for having spent much of her life outside Wyoming, Cheney says her background makes her well-qualified for congress.

Cheney, the daughter of former Vice-President and Wyoming congressman Dick Cheney, has spent much of her career in various federal government posts and as a contributor for Fox News.

She also was the founder and chairwoman of "Keep America Safe" which she says had a hand in keeping President Obama from bringing terrorists into the United States.

She lived in Virginia prior to returning to Wyoming a couple of years ago and her opponents say she is a Washington insider who is out of touch with the Cowboy state. They also accuse her of being an opportunist  who only moved to Wyoming so she could launch a career in politics, using her family name to cruise to victory.

But Cheney argues her background in and around the federal government gives her a knowledge and understanding of how things work in Washington D.C. that would make her far more effective in congress than any of her rivals.

She cites her work 25 years ago with the federal Agency For International Development as an example. She calls the agency "one of the most wasteful in the federal government." But she says the experience taught her how federal agencies hide money, how their budgets work and similar knowledge that none of her opponents can match.

She says she could reign in federal bureaucrats, who would "run circles around" first-term members of congress who don't have her experience.

Cheney also claims her background gives her the ability to form coalitions to fight for Wyoming's coal industry against what she calls ''radical environmental groups."

Cheney is one of several candidates vying for the GOP nomination for Wyoming's lone seat in the U.S. House in Tuesday's Wyoming Primary election.