The grueling 2017 Wyoming Cowboy Tough World Championship was the 1st in the United States. Now, get ready for round 2 as 50 teams Navigate, Bike, Climb, Trek, Paddle this August 11th & 12th.

The State of Wyoming and Rev3Adventure/Adventure Enablers return with three unique adventure races for those who earn the title Cowboy Tough. They are; Curt Gowdy Tenderfoot Adventure Race, Curt Gowdy Strong Adventure Race, and Cowboy Tough "Epic 24 Hour" Adventure Race.

“We have a great course for you to run, bike, paddle, and navigate your way around in an awesome Wyoming state park and more areas of South East Wyoming.”

You not only take on the weather and ‘the rugged Wyoming landscape, but you could encounter moose, bear, snake, mountain lion, bobcat, antelope, wild horse, and those scary prairie dogs.’ The biggest challenge could be your own limitations.

Races start and finish at Curt Gowdy State Park. Find out more.

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