If there is any question some creepy clowns have gone beyond just fun, the answer is yes, they surely have, and right here in Wyoming.

Some of us are disturbed by how the terms demented, and popular culture, are used in the same sentence, but that's in a Wikipedia page, titled "Evil Clown." Cultural critic Mark Dery theorized there about the demented mind.

Of course, before the first sightings of these neo creeps back in August, we had a history of demented that Mark mentions. He goes from the "Pogo the Clown" persona of the serial killer John Wayne Gacy, to the fictional Joker of "Batman.”

We’ve always had the insanely warped, dressed as clowns or not, and some of us feel that if anyone goes beyond good clean fun, be it on Halloween or Easter, they're just psychotic.

Maybe there's a question about anyone who would even want dig deep into whatever is in some minds? If some break the law, we don't need to dig as deep as Wikipedia. Is it good to ask if the creepy clowns are following a harmless fad mostly all in fun, or if some really a threat? Yes, it is good to ask, and to emphatically answer that.

Let there be no confusion when the answer is this simple. If one has a machete, and tries to use it, that’s not so fun. On social media, announced plans for where a clown will be visiting Laramie Junior High School, is definitely not taken as just clowning around. In fact twice last week, that was not funny. It wasn't funny to Casper authorities when Kelly Walsh High School was put on alert. Whether or not they show up on campus, it’s called a threat.

And it's not even Halloween yet. Here's another question. When one is caught on neighborhood watch video leering into a child’s window, what is that called? Can we agree it's sick?

Creepy used to be the school word for the nerdy guy who has no chance when hitting on the pretty girl.

Some of these clowns are more than creepy. They’re flat evil.