Maybe you've heard the punchline, "Go right for the juggler," but now the joke has been ruined. When asked what to do if you're attacked by a group of clowns, "Go for the juggler" ain't so funny anymore.
For years now I've become sick of Halloween by mid October. This year, the whole cult of creepy clowns has had me over-creeped since before October even started. The Cowboy State was one of the last places where these psychos finally arrived, but their effect has definitely been felt, just trying to keep kids safe in schools and even worse.

I decided a few years ago I'd bury my head in the sand to this entire time of scary. I couldn't wait for Hallmark's "Countdown to Christmas," which now starts right after Halloween, thank God! I mean now I'm okay with missing re-runs of "Last man Standing" until Jan. 2. I love those movies that have heartwarming scenes with strings behind them.

Maybe now there are more of us guys who have come to love those movies more than we thought only women liked them. Slap me silly and call me Sally.

The point is, I'm tired of the really horrifying just for evil's sake. I never did like the stress of it anyway. I used to enjoy dressing up in the harmless pirate outfit, but this year I'm not even motivated to put on that big ear ring, and say "Aaaarg." I find halloween just sad.
I'm not saying I won't still answer the door on the one-night innocent kids come looking for candy. Otherwise, Go Cubs.

Am I the only one too creeped out to enjoy Halloween?