If you asked me yesterday if I could think of anything I miss about living in Denver, I’d have said, “No.” And I’ve been asked if there's anything I actually do miss about Denver because everyone knows when I refer to living there it’s always about another thing I don’t miss.

Today I stumbled across the travel site thrillist.com’s 30 Things to do in Denver before dying. Okay, I’ll admit there are a few restaurants that I would have continued to not miss if I hadn’t seen them on a list, so I quit looking before I got to 10. By the way, Casa Bonita was not one I missed. If that were in Wyoming, only a touron would go there. I do, however, agree that a breakfast place called Snooze could be on everyone’s bucket list.

Here are 5 things I totally don't miss after 10 years in Denver and moving to Wyoming:

5. Colorado Income Tax - Not paying it really does make a nice, noticed, difference.

4. Greenie legislation - Particularly Denver County just isn’t nearly as free as Wyo.

3. Rent -  It got so crazy it was nearing unsustainable for me. And I never spent my money on weed like so many now homeless youth in Denver.

2. Weed - It’s not that I hate legalization. I just got sick of it still being debated.

1. Traffic – You don’t drive in Denver traffic. Denver traffic drives you.

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