In spite of the 'creepy clown hysteria' spreading across Wyoming this week, not all clowns are terrifying.

Here's five completely harmless clowns from right here in the Cowboy State.

1. Rodeo Clowns - As scary as some clowns can be for many, most people in Wyoming have affection for rodeo clowns.

In the early years of Cheyenne Frontier Days, the legendary Red Sublette entertained audiences along with his trusty sidekick, a mule named “Sparkplug”.

These days, Meeteetse, Wyoming, native Dusty Tuckness ranks among the most popular bull fighters in the country. His death defying backflip has become a fixture at Rodeo events across the country.

2.  Lanky The Clown – A fixture at the Wyoming State Fair, Danny Kollaja, aka Lanky the Clown, delights and disturbs children of all ages. You can even take a camel ride with Lanky every summer at the Sweetwater County Fair in Rock Springs.

3. The “Call of Duty” Sideshow Clowns – The popular video game Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare features a map set near the Devil’s Tower National Monument in Wyoming, where players face an army of evil clowns in a demented 'Clown Motel'.

4. Wyoming White Clowns - Human beings aren’t the only clowns in Wyoming. Did you know there’s a breed of fish called the Wyoming White Clown? Named for their orange faces, dark fins and white bodies, they are highly sought after by aquarium owners acros the country.

5. The Clown's Den in Cheyenne - Some of the classier gentlemen reading this may remember the old Clown’s Den, just south of Cheyenne on the Greeley Highway. These days, it’s simple called “The Den”. If you think actual clowns are frightening, you should have seen some of the gals dancing here back in the day.