Wyoming Governor Matt Mead says the state has made "major progress" in reducing the number of regulations on the books.

The governor notes that when he took office in 2013 he asked all state agencies to reduce existing rules by one-third in number and one-third in length, with the goal of having only effective and needed state regulations.

The governor said Tuesday in an Op-Ed statement that most state agencies have met or exceeded those goals, with many having reduced their rules by 50 percent or more.  He says an effort has also been made to write the regulations in clear-cut, easily-understood everyday language.

Governor Mead says that helps people comply with the rules and allows them to do business more easily without taking away important protection provided by needed regulations.

The governor says the Secretary of State's office has also created a website that makes it easier to find state rules and regulations without a lengthy and often frustrating search.


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